Monday, December 15, 2008

Our beautiful baby girl.... Most of the time!

Isn't she so cute? Her Sunday dress, hair all done up nice.
The picture of precious... ish!?!

A smile that warms my day!

Anybody seen this European leader in a history book lately?

How do you yell when you are laughing?

What, me?
I didn't know that if I eat a picture it leaves evidence!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Jacob turned 4 on Saturday, December 6th! We had a birthday party at the park with family and friends. It was a lot of fun. Jacob was so excited and a little overwhelmed. We only had one meltdown - which is great considering all that has been going on in our lives. He wanted one of the trucks that was on his birthday cake before we had even really begun the party. Once I figured out what he wanted through all the crying, I switched the trucks and gave him the one he wanted and he was great for the rest of the day!

He got lots of cars and trucks and motorcycles and 4 wheelers and helicopters, and anything else that flies, drives, floats, or moves. He was in TOY HEAVEN! He also got some clothes. He was not quite as excited about those.

This is the cake Lena made for Jacob's birthday.
It was triple chocolate fudge with ground up oreos for the dirt.
It was not only beautiful, but very good!